Kia Spell - Realtor


Kia's fascination with architectural style and design piqued her interest to accept a senior position at The Art Institute, where she worked in the field of Interior Design. With extensive design experience, she decided to make a transition and bring value to sellers and buyers in the Real Estate Industry. Kia builds strong trust-based relationships with her clients by assessing each unique circumstance and being honest and quick to respond throughout the transaction. Her attention to detail, being organized, and ability to solve complex issues enable her to help clients accomplish their goals. The skills that she developed at the Art Institute give her vision that many agents don't have. With this experience, she transforms her sellers' homes through simple low-cost staging, and illustrates unimagined possibilities for her buyers' prospective purchases. Midwestern values and a hard work ethic provide Kia's clients with a trusted advisor in the real estate industry. She hopes to work with you soon!

DIRECT: 909.731.7602